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About Us

“AUTOSOS” Tire hotel LLC was established in 2018.
We work 24 hours, seven days in a week. 
The Company offers safe, fast and reliable storage of tires.
“Autosos’’ Tire hotel LLC’s services are as follows:
    changing of tires by mobile vulcanization cars;
    convenient storage of the changed tires;
    security video surveillance warehouses.

    The mobile vulcanization service includes changing, balancing and storage of tires. During the storage process the employees of the Company pack your summer/winter tires, wash and mold them, then place in an appropriate section of our comfortable “HOTEL”.
    This process is being carried out by concluding a Hand-over act and forming/signing a storage contract where is being mentioned a regular number, which facilitates the process of giving back the tires, upon Customer’s request.
    Our experienced professionals will approach to the mentioned address within a few minutes and  provide high-qualified services, as a result of which you will save your time, as well as get rid of headache of pre-reservation at the car service centers.
    The Company doesn’t pursue replacing of traditional vulcanization process with a portable vulcanization option, on the contrary, adds a new, more convenient version next to the old version.
    The tires hotel being the first one in the market, is also available via mobile application, which makes easier to provide quick services to the Customers.
    Gaining our Customers’ confidence within a short period of time, and receiving different suggestions of services from them, the “Autosos” tires hotel offers also other car care and maintenance mobile services. The offered services are also new in the Armenian market and have already been highly appreciated by the Customer. 
    The list of additional services includes:
        Mobile Vulcanization (wheel alignment, balancing);
        Wheel repair,
        “Designated driver”,
        Accumulator charging,
        Tow truck,Car diagnostics,
        Car refueling (gaz, petrol),
        Car cemical cleaning.
“AUTOSOS” Tire hotel LLC does not limit the scope of its services and promises to always come to the Customer with the new ones.